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About Yankee Greats

With 27 World Series Championships the New York Yankees are without a doubt the greatest sports franchise in history. Since officially becoming the New York Yankees in 1913 they have amassed a record-breaking number of championship wins and appearances, currently holding 16 more titles than the second-place organization. Not counting executive owners, there have been a total of 20 players and 4 managers that have been elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a New York Yankee. Since the club’s inception they have achieved 10 no-hitters, 3 of which resulted in perfect games. If that weren’t prestigious enough, there are currently 19 players whose numbers have been permanently retired, including Jackie Robinson whose number has been retired from the sport at large.


Yankee Greats is a collection of autographed baseballs spanning these significant achievements, including: every Hall of Famer inducted as a Yankee, every pitcher of those elusive no-hitters, every player and manager who has had their number retired, and every Yankees squad from those 27 World Series victories. As more players achieve greatness within this storied organization this collection grows. Each and every ball has been authenticated by JSA and/or PSA/DNA. Please enjoy this view into a historic collection and celebrate over 100 years of Yankees tradition, athletic excellence, and love for the game of baseball.



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