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Retired Numbers

Featured in this collection are all 23 autographed baseballs of every Yankee player plus Jackie Robinson, whose number has been retired.  Although many have also been inducted into the Hall of Fame, each has been instrumental and loved by baseball fans everywhere. 

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20150720-IMG_0904 - Final.jpg
20150720-IMG_0905 - Final.jpg
Babe Ruth Retired.jpg
Lou Gehrig - Retired.jpg
Joe Dimaggion - No Hitter.jpg
Joe Torre - Retired.jpg
Mickey Mantle - No Hitter.jpg
Yogi Berra - Retired.jpg
Bill Dickey - Retired.jpg
Roger Marris - Retired.jpg
Phil Rizzuto - Retired.jpg
Thurman Munsan - Retired.jpg
Whitey Ford - Retired.jpg
Jorge Posada - Retired.jpg
Don Mattingly - Retired.jpg
Elston Howard - Retired.jpg
Whitey Ford - Retired.jpg
Casey Stengel - Retired.jpg
Jackie Robinson - Retired.jpg
Mariano Rivera Retired.jpg
Reggie Jackson - Retired.jpg
Andy Pettitte - Retired.jpg
Ron Guidry - Retired.jpg
Bernie Williams - Retired.jpg
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