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Babe Ruth #3

Babe Ruth - #3
Babe Ruth - #3

Right Fielder

NYY: 1920 - 1934


Baseball's greatest slugger and the most colorful figure in the game's history. Debuted as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, winning 89 games over six seasons before being converted to the outfield because of his tremendous power. Was sold to the Yankees for $120,000 in 1920 and his 54 home runs that year were more than any other American-League team. Enroute to 714 career home runs, won 12 home run titles, hitting 60 in 1927. Added 15 home runs in World Series competition as he led the Yankees to seven Series appearances and four World titles. A member of the inaugural class of Hall of Fame inductees in 1936.

Number retired in 1948

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